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27 April, 2021

Coral Oil & Liquigas Statement

Coral Oil and Liquigas are being once again victims of a new campaign of lies, misleading information, and defamation. This campaign has been recently launched on social media and is being systematically spread and shared by certain groups; it contains pictures, videos, articles, publications and electronic links claiming that Coral Oil and Liquigas are smuggling combustibles and are linked to political figures, parties and companies subject to international sanctions …


This campaign has been emerging and repeating during the most difficult and unprecedented crisis Lebanon has been enduring. A period when both companies have proven to be amongst the very few companies leading in the import and distribution of gasoline and diesel in Lebanon to continue to provide these two products and answer the needs of the Lebanese market and consumer in all regions without any exception, where others have either denounced or failed to do so. The provision of these above-mentioned products have reached out to all sectors through providing and delivering the quantities needed to the distribution stations, hospitals, bakeries, municipalities, private generators, embassies, universities and so forth …
Coral Oil and Liquigas are highly regarded by the Lebanese public opinion and various concerned entities in terms of securing social and economic safety, through consistently providing combustibles. This has been clearly demonstrated from the numerous calls received by both companies to express sympathy, full support and condemnation of the false campaigns and news aiming to cause damage to both companies locally and abroad.


Based on the above,
Coral Oil and Liquigas and their owners would like to reassure the public opinion, the Lebanese consumer, and all the sectors, and clarify the following:
- Both companies are owned by Oscar, Antonio and Edgard Yamin only; through a group of companies belonging to them in full with no partner in any of them for any percentage, whether directly or indirectly, whether Lebanese or non-Lebanese, political or non-political figure. No one will be able to drag them into local or regional conflicts or quarrels for vile, non-ethical purposes to undermine their work.
- Both companies and their owners are immune with the highest standards of transparency and compliance applied locally and globally in the field of importation of combustibles from companies and refineries abroad and through Lebanese and foreign banks.
- Both companies and their owners will remain loyal to their country Lebanon and to the Lebanese people and will continue to satisfy the needs of the local market in gasoline and diesel to all the regions and sectors, despite the frantic campaigns and whoever is behind the latter.
- Both companies and their owners will keep standing up against the creators, mongers of rumours and lies, whether those were from the country or from abroad. Both companies and their owners will continue to stand up against whoever is behind those, being affiliations or companies, to pursue and unveil them – with no rest – using all the legal methods possible and confront them with proofs and evidence and documents issued by the different official specialized authorities being legal, security or other. Both companies and their owners will pursue and prohibit those perpetrators from continuing deliberately to cause harm through their obvious attempts.


Oscar Alfred Yamin

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